Der Bannerträger („The Standard Bearer“), by Hubert Lanzinger, circa 1935

„This portrait depicts Hitler as a messianic figure gazing toward a better future for Germany, with the Nazi flag billowing behind him. Austrian-born artist Lanzinger (1880-1950) painted this work in oils on a wood panel. It was first displayed at the Great German Art Exhibition in Munich in 1937. Some say that Hitler himself picked this image after being dismayed by the other selected artwork. Heinrich Hoffmann, Hitler’s official photographer and an exhibition judge, had the image made into a postcard around 1938. After the war, a U.S. soldier pierced the painting with a bayonet. It was then transferred to the U.S. Army Art Collection, German War Art Collection, where it remains to this day.“

The Standard Bearer

United State Holocaust Memorial Museum

There is a debate about wether one should use pictures of Hitler for a book cover. Some people say that could be understood as a kind of worship for him. I have another opinion: The picture shows more the ridiculous of the „Führer“ feeling themselves invincible as the medieval hero Parsifal. Reminds me on Charlie Chaplins movie „The Great  Dictator“. (Click here) What do you think?