Excerpts from Reviews:

What the da Vinci code was for Dan Brown, the Richard Wagner score for Parsifal is for
R.H. Offergeld. Expertly and suspensefully done.

Berliner Morgenpost

A superbly told novel…this Festival murder mystery is a terrific read, especially for
lovers of well-researched contemporary history subjects.

Südeutsche Zeitung

The plot is elegantly and knowledgably inventive, with some effective, sly hints aimed at
actual Bayreuth personnel.

Die Welt

The story goes back to the fateful history of the Third Reich and the passionate affair
between a Jewish woman and a German officer – against the backdrop of the great music
drama Parsifal.

Welt am Sonntag

A book is being boycotted. No Bayreuth Festival without some scandal. This time a
murder mystery by the Munich author Rüdiger Offergeld has set it off. The book has split
the city into two camps. Some booksellers have chosen it as the title of the year, others
are boycotting it completely. An exciting novel.

Abendzeitung München